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postal152's Journal

some raving lunatic
28 September 1989

journal layout by pretzels.

30 rock, androgyny, atheism, batman/joker, ben folds laundry, ben gibbard, ben/darren, best friends in love, bizarre celebrations, blue canary, bouquets of sharpened pencils, careless gay whispers, cat anus cubed, chris pine/zachary quinto, crossdressing, daisies (the friendliest flower), david foster wallace, deadpan song parodies, dean/castiel, dean/sam, doctor/master, dream interpretation, f. scott fitzgerald, fall out boy, horrible photoshoops, hotkward, house/wilson, hugh laurie, john darnielle, just jazzin, keira knightley, kevin barnes, kevin barnes's fashion decisions, kevin barnes's pretentious hat, kevin barnes/kevin barnes, kirk/spock, kurt vonnegut, little cups of applesauce, lucid dreaming, making shit up, mediocre steaks for bisexuals, meg ryan, misha collins, nick/gatsby, not catching on fire, of montreal, patrick stump, pete wentz, pete/patrick, peter petrelli's batman voice, peter petrelli's emo bangs, peter piper's purple pants, plaude, pointlessly long-winded song titles, post-apocalyptic aus, psuedopsychology, pumpkin pie, regina spektor, rufus wainwright's "artistic integrity", sam harris, san francisco, schmoop, sell-outs, stephen fry, subtext, supernatural, surrealism, the great gatsby, the mountain goats, they might be giants, tight pants, wilson's eyebrows, your experimental film, zachary quinto's eyebrows